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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Beatrix Potter and The Three Cups

Here are some answers to the question of any possible association between Beatrix Potter and The Three Cups Hotel.

It appears that Miss Potter did not stay at the Three Cups when she visited Lyme Regis on holiday in 1904. She gave her address as "Burley, Lyme Regis". However, she made a number of sketches around the town including one looking down Broad Street which clearly shows The Three Cups. The drawing referred to appears on page 92 of "Beatrix Potter's Letters", published by Frederick Warne & Co. The original is in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London but the publisher is the owner of all rights, copyrights and trademarks in the Beatrix Potter character names and illustrations.

I am indebted to Judy Taylor Hough of The Beatrix Potter Society for kindly providing this information for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said…

With a "family" interest in the Three Cups (my great aunt having once been the proprietor) I would just like to add to the posting regarding Beatrix Potter in Lyme that the house Burley where she stayed can still apparently be found in Silver Street. The Cups is indeed in one of Beatrix's Illustration's from The Tale of Pig Robinson but only in the American edition. It can be seen just across the street from where Pig Robinson is standing with its wonderful bow windows and georgian pillars! Thank you Beatrix for drawing The Cups and a big thank to Irene Whalley again from the Beatrix Potter Society for this valued information. from Claire Edge


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