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Friday, September 04, 2009

Well being delayed is well being denied

A report on page 2 of the Western Gazette of 3rd September indicates that West Dorset District Council are going to give Palmers more time to re-open The Three Cups. After 20 years, one can't help wondering how this will serve the interests of the people of Lyme Regis...

...or if the council is really interested in promoting the economic, social and environmental well being of the area.

The text of the report follows:

District in Talks to buy empty Premises

WEST Dorset District Council will be looking into the possibility of compulsory purchasing two empty food and drink premises next week.

Cllr Janet Page put forward a motion in July to the council, requesting it to start action on the Three Cups in Lyme Regis, and the Old Swan Public House at Toller Porcorum, both of which have been vacant for a long time, and are owned by Bridport-based Palmers Brewery.

The issue will be discussed at the council's executive committee meeting on Tuesday. However, the recommendation made by David Evans, director of plannning and environment, is to wait for three months to monitor attempts to get the premises open again.

He said: "Steps are now being taken by the owner of Thre Three Cups, Lyme Regis, to prepare a scheme for the renovation and development of the premises, and the offer by the owner of the Old Swan, Toller Porcorum, is to open negotiations to lease the property to a community group on favourable terms.

"In the light of the response to the council's actions, it would be inappropriate to commence the process of compulsory purchase of these properties.

"The council will continue to monitor the condition of these properties and respond to matters of public safety."


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