Save The Three Cups Hotel

The Three Cups Hotel

Campaigning for preservation of the hotel where J.R.R. Tolkien stayed and gained inspiration for his mythology. Jane Austen, G.K. Chesterton, Tennyson and H.W. Longfellow were also guests. The hotel featured in the film, “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”. Please send articles to me, Andrew Townsend, at or add a comment. Thanks to David Moss for all his work. Comments are closed at WDDC for the plans to redevelop the site but you can still write to the papers.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Protest March - Sunday 11th October

If you live in or around Lyme, don't forget the protest march on Sunday 11th October, starting at the Amusement Arcade, on Marine Parade at 2pm. Again, organised by Leon Howe, this march will be a precursor to the Public Meeting on the 16th! Please go along to support this event to Save The Three Cups as a HOTEL.


Anonymous Rikey said…

Thank you all so much for coming along. Another great event which this time ended with a rousing sing-a-long to the fantastic new "celebrating the three cups hotel" song on the very steps of the hotel.

Blogger Andrew Townsend said…

See page 6 of this week's View From Lyme Regis for a report on the march and other matters relating to the preservation of The Three Cups HOTEL.

Anonymous Anonymous said…

We look forward to the outcome of the report on the feasibility study for the hotel to be restored to its former glory. Lyme Regis needs it and so do the people of the South West. We are losing so much of our social heritage that we must hang on to the pieces that we have. Why could we not get a public subscription together and the public own the hotel, we do it for post offices and banks, why not the Three Cups Hotel? This would surely be something our children would be proud of us for saving. Carry on the good work.


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