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The Three Cups Hotel

Campaigning for preservation of the hotel where J.R.R. Tolkien stayed and gained inspiration for his mythology. Jane Austen, G.K. Chesterton, Tennyson and H.W. Longfellow were also guests. The hotel featured in the film, “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”. Please send articles to me, Andrew Townsend, at or add a comment. Thanks to David Moss for all his work. Comments are closed at WDDC for the plans to redevelop the site but you can still write to the papers.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Public Meeting - Friday 16th October

If you want to support the campaign to save The Three Cups as a HOTEL, don't miss the meeting at 7pm in the Woodmead Halls in Lyme Regis. From past experience, you will need to get there early to get a seat!


Blogger Andrew Townsend said…

See comment on posting "Important Events" (Friday October 09, 2009) below for feedback on the meeting.

Anonymous sally-jane emm said…

The meeting went well with plenty of bums on seats. The committee is passionate about the saving of the Three Cups as a hotel which is badly needed.
Palmers were conspicous in their absense and failure to provide any comment for the evening. The town and District council were reluctant to respond adequately. Those that did manage to come along spoke from a personal angle, rather than the non comital stance of the councils.

Anonymous Frank Foote said…

The meeting on Friday night lacked the 'buzz' of previous ones and it seems that WDDC succeeded in wrongfooting the people who went to see them on Friday morning. I am amazed that they were hoodwinked by their charm. The meeting seemed to have forgotten that it is WDDC which allowed Palmers to let the building get into such a state by their inaction in the first place!

To say that they won't come to meetings because they were upset by the public feelings aired at the Bridport meeting is childish! They are PUBLIC SERVANTS and should be able to take criticism - and come back to face their critics or not be in the job at all.

If feelings hadn't been so strongly aired at the Bridport meeting, the 3 Cups Campaign wouldn't be where it is now.

Anonymous Frank Foote said…

Having now reread the account of the Bridport meeting in April (which I attended) on the blogspot, I am even more surprised at the apparent about-turn regarding WDDC at last Friday's meeting. There are some very short memories in Lyme! The slow response of WDDC to the danger of this building to the people of Lyme Regis was put over loud and clear in April (and the slow response continued even after that) but suddenly, last Friday night, WDDC was being applauded by various people! For what?

It was very sad to see John Grantham appear to be sidelined on Friday. It was through the interest and effort of this man that the 3 Cups campaign now has such a high profile and is where it is today.

Anonymous Rikey said…

I feel I need to respond to your comment Frank. As one of the three who were at the Friday meeting with WDDC I resent the comments that I applaud WDDC's actions or have been hoodwinked. I feel that having at least a line of contact will be more constructive in the long term than not. Let's not forget that we all want the same result here and refrain from bad mouthing each other at least. No one has worked harder or more passionately than myself in recent months to see the Three Cups oppened. I as much as anyone want to see this amazing building bought back to it's former glory and understand that the future of the town I love probably depends upon it. I am dissapointed in the extreme with the lack of progress so far and will fight with all of my heart to the bitter end but I will listen to all sides and act as I see fit as I am sure you will do too. I would also thank you to address any critisism of my actions to me personnaly giving me a chance to defend myself before posting your attack in the public domain. You will find my number on posters and flyers all over town, in the three cups booklet, on the website and facebook group. If all else fails you could ask John Grantham for it.


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