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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Are Palmers Playing Ball? It Doesn't Look Like Cricket!

In case you missed it in the reports of the meeting of 22nd October, Palmers of Bridport, the brewers who own The Three Cups Hotel intend to put one of their village pubs on the market. At first sight, this looks like good news for campaigners but closer examination suggests foul play.

The pub in question is The Old Swan at Toller Porcorum where campaigners have been fighting for 4 years to see the pub re-opened. Click here for more details. If as reported Palmers intend to put it on the market for £175,000, then this is a cynical ploy to convince the public of their ludicrous claim that nobody wants the pub. The incredibly high figure which is about three times the market value of the pub without taking into account the dilapidation caused by Palmers bad management of the empty building. (Renovation may cost as much as £300,000.) And just to make things harder for any potential buyer, they are offering a 999 year lease with a draught beer tie.

One can only assume that Palmers want the sale to fall through so that they can work with West Dorset District Council to end the life of the building as a pub and deny the village their traditional social gathering place. How does this improve the economic, social or environmental well being of the community?

It may sound like Palmers are playing fair by putting the pub on the market but it doesn’t look like cricket to me. In fact it sounds more like match fixing.


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